Projects, especially game related ones, are a huge part of what I like to do with my time. Below is a list of school, game jam, and other personal projects I've done over the years. Most are "done" but are still things I am proud to have experienced making.


Alchemy Engine

An attempt to build a toolkit that will allow anyone to create their own custom co-op RPG, be it campaign oriented or re-iterative like an MMO. Focusing on the concept of small multi-player fantasy worlds like those found in MUDs, the goal of the engine is to allow anyone to build such a game and operate a server where others can play. More


Ludum Dare 40: Happy Happy Marshmallow Factory

A web-based retro clicker game to take you back to your childhood! More

Ludum Dare 25: Prisoner's Dilemma

A multi-player game where players have one hour to make as much money as possible by joining into contracts with other players. Either player, or both, can choose to secretly cheat out on the other to maximize their profits but in prisoner's dilemma style if both cheat they both lose. More

Ludum Dare 24: Dr. X's Rainbow Arena

An arena survival shooter where the enemies are generated from an evolving gene pool. More

Global Game Jam 2012: Corpse Play

A puzzle platformer where the player uses their own corpses to advance through the level. More

Global Game Jam 2011: C.O.O.P.

An asymmetric co-op game where one player controls a spaceman defending his base and another sends down resources from above. More

Global Game Jam 2010: Mr. Mask

A stealth / movement-puzzle game built in AS3 with the Flixel engine. More


Wizard RPG

A comprehensive project to create a small vertical slice of a single-player RPG using a purpose made component-driven engine. The engine was built around deferred rendering and data-driven level specification to explore flexibility in content creation. More

Terrain Engine

Added terrain support to a personal game engine with support for up to 8k heightmaps. Both generation and presentation were optimized such that loading even large datasets took no more than a couple of seconds and rendering supported almost per-pixel triangle density. More

ASDF Scripting Language

A simple scripting language developed for embedding in C++ applications. Influenced by Lua and Python, ASDF provides a simple way to script function logic and provides a basic stack based calling mechanism. More

Goo Gun

A real-time goo system using voxels and marching cubes. More