ASDF Scripting Language

Created a simple but complete iterative scripting language which was integrated into a game engine of mine. The entire compiler pipeline was developed: lexical analyzer, parser, and compiler, as well as a virtual machine. Through a VM instance scripts can be executed in the game and can call back out to the engine. The language design was influenced by Python and Lua, taking features such as slices to maximize utility. Time was spent profiling the compiler tool chain and virtual machine to optimize for speed.

// Example recursive quicksort implementation
    sz := size(vec);
    if(sz <= 1)
        return vec;
    idx := sz/2; // Index floored by VM
    pivot := vec[idx];
    // Remove the pivot from the vector
    vec := vec[:idx] # vec[idx+1:];
    sz := size(vec);
    lesser := [];
    greater := [];
    count := 0;
    while(count < sz)
        if(vec[count] <= pivot)
            lesser #= [vec[count]];
            greater #= [vec[count]];
        count += 1;
    return quicksort(lesser) # [pivot] # quicksort(greater);