Global Game Jam 2012: Corpse Play

Corpse Play was a puzzle platforming game built in Unity3D with a great group of friends and new folks for Global Game Jam 2012. The theme of the year was ouroboros which is the snake that is consuming its own tail. To meet this theme we came up with a rather morbid story based on the cycle of abuse.

In the game you play as a gollem who attempting to reach the end of each level while being chastized by its creator for not being good enough. To complete each level the player must sometimes purposefully cause their character to die to leave its corpse in a beneficial location. Depending on where or how you died the corpse could grow into a tree, create bubbles from acid pits, or it could simply be left behind for you to eat it to grow large later. No matter how well you actually did in the beating the level the wizard would always have negative things to say.

While the gameplay was good and it was complete from menu to credits and even had progess saving, some felt that the story simply didn’t match up and it just took itself too seriously. That said, the game was good and it was great to see Unity3D in a 2D environment.