Global Game Jam 2010: Mr. Mask

Mr. Mask was a team game built with an awesome collection of individuals at Global Game Jam 2010 and it was the first jam for most (all?) of the team. We were very proud of the complete nature of the product with it being a complete package from menu to credits and being quite fun besides. We used the Flixel game engine on AS3 with FlashDevelop as the IDE.

The game itself was a mechanically simple stealth game where the player attempted to move through each level without being detected by guards. As the game advances the player collects masks which allow him to become invisible to some types of guards by appearing to look like one of them. Towards the later levels the player is managing their movement and juggling between two masks depending on which guards were imminent on their position.

An awesome story was present in the game involving an evil mask wax corporation and Mr. Mask’s road to revenge and at the end of the game the player gets to face the menacing boss of the mask wax company.