Global Game Jam 2011: C.O.O.P.

C.O.O.P., or Cooperative Operations on Orbital Platform, was a co-op flash game using Flixel and FlashDevelop just as we had with Mr. Mask the previous year. Also just like with Mr. Mask we brought C.O.O.P. full circle with menu to credits coverage and did a pretty good job implementing a local co-op game in such a short time span.

The game is asymmetrically co-op where one player controls a spaceman on a platform with a laser gun and another player is up above sending down resources with the mouse and attempting to support the spaceman. As time passes enemy space dinosaurs swarm the platform and you simply try to hold them off for as long as possible. The player on the ground is limited to using his gun and shooting exploding barrels while the support player can drop said barrels, walls, and area modifiers that increase the amount of resources dropped by enemies or slow them down. Finally, they can also teleport the player. As enemies die they drop resources (the currency used to send down items) and health which the player must walk over to pick up.

It turned out to be quite the challenging game to play and since it couldn’t be played alone it wasn’t quite as popular of a game. That said it was quite fun to make and was a great experiment in creating a local co-op game. And it had fantastic audio.